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Me and my Datasonics SIS-1000 in the Med.
Douglas R. Levin, PhD
4925 Edmondson Creek Road
Preston, MD 21655
Center for Environment & Society
Washington College
101 S. Water Street
Chestertown, MD 21620
office - 410-810-7176
cell - 757-710-1631
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My private sector, academic, and federal government positions have involved management, business development, program design, proposal writing, technical coordination, planning and execution of global field programs, education/training curriculum design, data analysis, report writing, and expert testimony. I have over thirty years of hands-on experience with a spectrum of seafloor mapping systems, including AUVs, ROVs, navigation, side scan sonar, sub bottom profilers, single beam echosounders, multi beam, maggies, and a slew of water quality mapping systems and ADCPs. I am adept at providing technical and non-technical presentations to constituents that might benefit from that effort.

My project experience spans oil seep detection off of Cartagena, SA, pipeline and cable route selections in the GOMx, the Aleutians, and the Med, shipwreck imaging in Thunder Bay, searching for evidence of NOAH's deluge in the Black Sea all the way to LIDAR mapping of the Ice Sheets in Iceland and Greenland w/ NASA. Most recently, I advised BP and NOAA regarding strategic mapping of the benthic impacts of oil as a result of Deepwater Horizon (MC-252).  My management experience extends from professional consulting firms to chairing the Department of Science & Technology at Bryant College (now Bryant University).