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  A Sampling of my Project Experience

Delivered Side Scan Sonar Interpretation Training for Navy Marine Dive and Salvage Unit - 2 in Norfolk, VA (2002 and 2003)
  • Thales GeoSolutions; Devised an innovative water column imaging technique to map oil and gas seeping from the seafloor off of Cartagena, South America (2002).

  • Institute For Exploration; Geologist: Mapped beach deposits at 110m depth in the Black Sea where the shoreline was predicted to have been prior to the Great Deluge (2001).

  • Institute for Exploration; Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary; Shipwreck Inventory and image karst features in the floor of the Great Lakes (2001).

  • Boeing; Geologist for fiber optic route selection, Aleutian Islands (4,000 km). Used Multibeam, Side Scan, and Sub Bottom to route a fiber cable from Shemya to Seward, AK (2000).

  • GAS, Bologna, Italy; Used multibeam, SSS and SBP system (SIS-1000) to map seafloor from Malaga to Cadiz, Spain, through the Straits of Gibraltar for fiber optic route selection (1997)

  • Racal Geotechnical Services, Houston, Texas;  Used a combined side scan sonar/ sub bottom system  to find route for a pipeline “drag-out” installation in the Gulf of Mexico (1998).

  • SAIC - AT&T Coastal Route Selection for Fiber Optic Shoreline Connection, Near Moriches and Shinnecock Inlet, Long Island (1997) 

  • C&C Technologies to map shore connections at  Moriches, New York and New London, Ct. (1997)

  • Mapped cooling intake and outflow pipes for computer system serving Wall Street; East River, using magnetometer and sub bottom profiler (1997). 

  • Performed geotechnical investigation of towns and villages submerged by the construction of Quabbin and Wachusset Reservoirs in Massachusetts using Chirp Sonar, Side Scan Sonar, and DGPS. (1995) 

  • Used Chirp Seismic Sonar to search for evidence of recent (20th century) earthquake activity in lake sediments of New Hampshire. (1996) 

  • W/ Gahagan & Bryant, Completed side scan survey and mosaic image of a geotextile bag containing disposed dredge material in the New York Bight (1994) 

  • Designed a side scan and magnetometer survey for the search and recovery of Spanish treasures of the Cortes/Moctezuma period in Veracruz, Mexico.  (1987)

  • W/ Ocean Surveys, Inc. (U.S.A.I.D.) transferred hydrographic mapping techniques to the Zaire Hydrographic using the  Kasai River as the field example (1987)

  • W/ Ocean Surveys Inc., Determined distribution of PCBs in reach of the St. Lawrence Seaway in upstate New York. (1986)   

  • W/EG&G, Effects of Exploratory Drilling Discharges on the Benthic Environment in the Mid-Atlantic OCS: Biological Results of a One Year Post-Drilling Survey. (1980)