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Deputy Director
Center for Environment and Society
Washington College
Chestertown, Maryland

Doug with his Basic Observation Buoy

CES Welcomes Oceanographer and Educator

as Deputy Director

Douglas Levin started in July of 2011


CHESTERTOWN—The Center for Environment & Society at Washington College welcomed veteran marine scientist and educator Douglas R. Levin as Associate Director. Levin, who was selected after a national search, started his new post on July 1 of 2011. Based at the CES offices in the Custom House, on the waterfront in historic downtown Chestertown, Levin assists with the day-to-day operations and connect the CES more fully with the science of the Chester River and Chesapeake Bay. He will help Washington College connect students with the water not only through academics and technology, but also through culture, recreation and special programs.  Among his goals is to make the Chester River the best understood river in the country through the use of technologies he's been working with for over thirty years.


In announcing the hire, CES director John Seidel said Levin brings “a very strong and varied background that includes work in private industry, academia and the federal government, along with an energy and entrepreneurial bent that fits wonderfully into CES and Washington College. Doug’s practical experience and strong scientific background will be a great benefit to the Center and to our students,” he added.

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