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Chief Innovation Officer
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Doug with his Basic Observation Buoy

Dr. Levin has 40 years of global experience deploying technology to evaluate benthic habitats.  He has hands-on experience with a multitude of seafloor mapping systems, including DGPS, multi-beam, side scan sonar,    sub bottom profilers, ADCPs, ROVs, AUVs and magnetometers. Project experience spans oil seep detection off of Cartagena, SA; Lease Block Hazard Surveys; pipeline and fiber optic cable route selections in the Gulf of      Mexico, the Aleutian Islands and the Med; shipwreck imaging in Thunder Bay; and searching for evidence of Noah’s deluge in the Black Sea. He’s participated in NASA’s airborne LIDAR Ice Mapping missions in Iceland    and Greenland. He is responsible for developing low cost buoy systems (Basic Observation Buoys) to increase the resolution of data to monitor water quality in all aquatic/marine systems.





Since 1980, He’s held private sector, academic, and federal government positions focused primarily on the marine technology industry. His career has melded science and outreach education programs where he’s      created the One-Watershed Catalog of STEM education programs for systemic outreach for K-12 programs in Maryland, including NOAA adopted underwater robotics kits and buoy building. His responsibilities have  included program, project, and grant management; business development; program design; proposal writing and review; technical coordination; planning, execution, and oversight of field operations; education  curriculum/lesson plan development; data analysis; formal and informal presentations and report writing. From 2011 to January of 2023 was been with Washington College where he founded  the Watershed  Innovation  Laboratory. Now he's a Research Associate with the University of Delaware, mapping oyster beds in Maryland, building Basic Observation Buoys, and continuing to work with various partners and not doing     a  good job "slowing down"....
+1 757-710-1631