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As a kid I spent hours upon hours on the boat.. where my Dad would drive me crazy by pointing to the water and saying  "can you see that?.. nope can't see it, have to imagine it".. which led me to a career/love learning how to see what we couldn't see.. in 2000 I resigned my tenured faculty spot with Bryant College to move to the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I "reconstituted" myself with the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore and then migrated (thankfully) to NOAA's Chesapeake Bay Office. While with NOAA's Chesapeake Bay office I set up and ran boats mapping the Bay bottom, learned what makes oysters happy, and made my dent at "Saving the Bay". In 2007 the position at NCBO became" full on" education. I brought in the "Aquabotz" Program I created back in '04 and then developed low cost observation buoys (Basic Observation Buoys) and "Build-a-Buoy". Before I left NCBO I was working on dynamic, online worksheets that populate with data fresh from the observation systems. In May of 2010 I became a program manager for NOAA's Integrated Ocean Observing System managing a portfolio of coastal  oceanographic models that forecast or map coastal inundation and hypoxia. That stint cured me of wanting to work live in an urban area. I've been back in the cabin in Preston, kayaking distance from the Choptank River, and in sight of the lights of the Dover Bridge.   I joined the Center for Environment & Society at Washington College in Chestertown, Md as their Deputy Director in July of 2011.  The commute is road long, but there is no traffic.. plenty of time to sing to Classic Rock  on the way in, or out.

On the home front, Fezzik (Golden Retriever), Wesley (Love Bird) and I are homesteading in the cabin in Preston, MD.  My daughter Leslie is a nurse in the Catheterization Lab at Washington Hospital Center in DC.  Andy is a Corrections Officer at a Max Security Prison in Delaware and got married in March of 2014.  Eric, Elliot, and Earl are all doing remarkably well.. I now have four grandsons and 2 grand daughters with another expected in August (2015).  

Me and the G'kids in Charleston, SC

My Hall of Fame: Harry Maxfield, Jerry Montvilo, Dag Nummedal, Kevin Morris, Darren Moss, Bill Charboneau, Mark (Harvey) Avakian, Rose Petrecca, Peter Glanz, Paul Igo, Dave Small, Bill Brew, Kristy Loman Chiodo, Roland Guidry, Don Hunt, David Bell, Charlie Menzie, Susan Haynes, Jerry Cura, Kevin Hayden, John Fish, Duncan FitzGerald, Dennis Hubbard, Rob Reynolds, Rick Younger, Ron Raymond, Lundie Spence, John Gann, Gary Shaffer, Gusto, Liza Goetz, Roger Zaunere, Earl Smalley III, Tom Handwerker, Geoff Bland, Ted Miles, Eoin Howlett, Rich Signel, Bill Krabill, Brian Sturgis, Dwight Coleman, Paula Jasinski,  Elliot Smalley, Bill Gilmore, Derek Coen, Charlie Frentz, Bob Disario, Scott Dinnel, Tami Lunsford, Lowell Bahner, Charly Alexander, John & Peggy Ford, Nanci Weinberger, John Seidel, Susan Baron, Elliot Smalley, Sam Walker, Paul Newman, John Ford, John Valiant, Petor Cahoon, John Seidel, and more...