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There may be several ways my services can be of benefit to you.  I can work independently, within your internal team or as part of your extended team. My commitment to you is that you’ll experience a temporary staff member who is dedicated to your project as if he were a life-long employee.  The breadth of my experience allows me to wear many hats. We can discuss and design the most effective strategy that will maximize the benefit of my services to you. 

For Example:

·         Proposal preparation and review.  Let me take a look to maximize your delivery effectiveness, minimizing the words while maximizing the message. I’ll review your proposal budget to determine if its light in some area, or could benefit from a trim with an alternative approach.  I’ll look for alternative approaches to reach your objective and present them for consideration.


·         Program and Project Management.  In a time when your management staff is overextended, perhaps you need someone to step in and navigate a program from inception to end.  I am adept at building and steering effective teams. My style involves rolling up my sleeves and working side by side with the group assembled to meet the program objectives.


·        Web presence review.  Let me look at your site as an end-use and determine its effectiveness. Does it deliver the message you’d like? Is it reaching the population that you intend? Is there an opportunity there to increase traffic within your company, among your present clients, and to prospective clients?


·         Training, Outreach and Education.  How do you make your clients experts with your product? Would you benefit from an “outside eye looking” into ways to improve your training programs. I am adept at creating hands-on, experiential programs where the lessons are learned in a contagious way. These programs can cut across intra company training, new client orientation, existing client training and product updates. Stakeholders that hold the purse string may benefit from a short class that educates them as to the benefits of your resources. Finally, don’t underestimate the public limelight that can be realized with stepping into the educational realm of formal (K-16) and informal (camps, adult education, professional re-training) (see Aquabotz, BOBs, and BABs).


·         Expert Testimony. As an award winning educator with 30 years of experience with Marine Technology others have commented on my ability to translate complicated technology rich issues into simpler terms. I am available to evaluate your issue and determine if I can passionately support your case in court.


My sponsor in Jakarta asks me if there is any hope for the waters in the harbor (noted in the picture to the left). The high viscosity of the water was not allowing waves to form. The smell was unmistakably full of flammable oils. I ask him... "A thirty year solution, or a thirty minute solution?"... "Doug.. what can we do in thirty minutes",, and shrugs...Looking around at the minimal amount of probable collateral damage I ask "gotta match?"....